by Marcus Coates, 26 & 27 January 2017

Artist Marcus Coates is looking for participants for a two-day masterclass, developing objects & costumes and working on a ritual to scare winter away.


Snowdrops – 26 & 27 January
Around the end of January snowdrops poke their heads through the snow, a sign that winter is approaching its end. To celebrate this event Coates wants to organise a parade inspired by snowdrops, scaring away winter with costumes, objects, sound and music.

In a two-day masterclass, with a group of ca. 8 participants, Coates would like to investigate how to use the snowdrops as an inspiration for stories, rituals, objects and costumes and work out a new ritual called the ‘Snowdrop Parade’.

At the end of the second day, the participants and Coates go out in the street in the costumes & with the objects or/and sounds, to perform the first ever Snowdrop Parade.

Since May 2016 a big screen has been hanging next to Utrecht Central Station. On it, artist Marcus Coates announces a different nature event every day. The arrival of the first swallow, the spawning of salmon and the mating of the foxes, they are all publicised on the big ‘Arrivals/ Departures’ screen. With the screen Coates wants to remind us of the natural world that we are surrounded with but which is almost invisible in the busy station area.

As a programme to go with the ‘nature calendar’ Coates organises performances and activities whenever a nature event deserves special attention, encouraging us to celebrate (and learn from) nature by introducing new rituals and festivities.
For more info on the project ‘Arrivals/Departures’: Marcus Coates – Public Works

Marcus Coates
Marcus Coates (UK, 1968) specialises as an artist in projects that involve the natural world. A lot of his work is about attempting to become an animal. In his shamanic performances, Coates channels the practices of ancient cultures to attempt to communicate between the human and animal worlds. Coates also works with sculpture, photography, and video. His tendency towards the bizarre and comic mask a deeply held desire to explore humankind’s understanding of nature and the world around.

26 January 11:00 – 18:00 & 27 January 11:00 – 21:00 @ Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht

Participation is free. Materials, working space & dinner on the 27th is provided.
The masterclass takes two days and ends with a performance.

Please send a concise portfolio of your work before the 20th of January to if you want to participate in the masterclass. Because there is only limited place we will select a number of participants in response to the portfolios we’ll receive.

For questions you can also send an email to: